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CrossFit Gantry
CrossFit Gantry in Long Island City. (Photo: Facebook/CrossFit Gantry)


Since 2004, when CrossFit NYC (also called The Black Box) debuted the heavy-lifting workout in New York City (and on the East Coast), the CrossFit scene has literally exploded. In fact, CrossFit is one of the fastest growing workouts in New York. Our proof?

Last fall, when we rounded up the city’s CrossFit boxes, we found 13. A year later now, that number has nearly tripled, and there are now more than 30 boxes across the five boroughs—a staggering number.

Of course, when choosing a box, there are lots of things to consider—like class size and vibe. But in New York, location is still king. So we broke down the scene for you by neighborhood (there’s even a cool map!), making it easy for you to find the most convenient place to improve your pull-ups and go Paleo.

(Note: At most CrossFit boxes, you can’t just drop in for any old WOD. Per class prices are listed for the sake of comparison, but in most cases you’ll have to take an intro series. Visit the websites or call before you go!)

MANHATTAN (Listed Downtown to Uptown)

Wall Street

CrossFit Wall Street
60 New St., between Whitehall St. and Broad St., 10004, $30 per class,


CrossFit 212 (two locations)
281 Broadway, between Chambers and Reade Sts., 10007
84 Franklin St., between Broadway and Church Sts., 10013, $35 per class,

Lower East Side

CrossFit East River
647 E. 9th St., between Avenues B and C, 10009, $20 per class,

Greenwich Village

78 Fifth Ave., between 13th and 14th Sts., 10011, call for prices,


CrossFit NYC, The Black Box
The first CrossFit box on the East Coast. 44 W. 28th St., 2nd Floor, between Broadway and Sixth Ave., 10001, $25 per class,


Brick CrossFit
This is an upscale CrossFit box with amenities like showers. 257 W. 17th St., between Seventh and Eighth Aves., 10011, $32 per class,

Murray Hill

CrossFit Reebok Fifth Ave
The sportswear brand operates its own boxes in addition to outfitting massive numbers of CrossFitters. This box has a whopping 700-plus members. 420 Fifth Ave., between Madison and Sixth Aves., 10016, $30 per class,

Hell’s Kitchen

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen
315 W. 36th St., between Eighth and Ninth Aves., 10018, $25 per class,

Upper East Side

CrossFit EVF Performance
1623 York Ave., between 85th and 86th Sts., 10028, $35 per class,

CrossFit Concrete Jungle
309 E. 94th St., 5th floor, between First and Second Aves., 10128, $30 per class,

CrossFit Metropolis
156 E. 100th St., between Lexington and Third Aves., 10029, $25 per class,

Upper West Side

Crossfit Upper West Side
Classes held outside during warm weather. 940 Columbus Avenue, at 106th St., 10025, $20 per class,

EVF CrossFit Columbus Circle
555 W. 59th St., between Amsterdam and West End Aves., 10019, $35 per class,

CrossFit NYC, The Black Box
157 Columbus Ave., at W. 67th St., 10023, $25 per class,


CrossFit Harlem
2340 Fifth Ave., Unit S-13, between 141 and 142 Sts., 10037, $20 per class,

BROOKLYN (Listed alphabetically by neighborhood)

Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge CrossFit
8508 Third Ave., at 85th St., 11209, $20 per class,

Crown Heights

Crow Hill CrossFit
800 Park Pl., between Rogers and Nostrand Aves., 11216, $25 per class,


CrossFit Dumbo
48 Pearl St., between Plymouth and Water Sts., 11201, $25 per class,

CrossFit Brooklyn Columbia Street
68 Summit St., between Van Brunt and Columbia Sts., 11231, $20 per class,


CrossFit Queens
CrossFit Queens in Astoria. (Photo: Facebook/CrossFit Queens)

CrossFit Greenpoint
195 Freeman St., between Manhattan Ave. and McGuinness Blvd., 11222, $25 per class,

Park Slope/Gowanus

CrossFit South Brooklyn
597 Degraw St., between Third and Fourth Aves., 11217, $25 per class,

Class One CrossFit
85 Fourth Ave., between St. Marks Pl. and Warren St., 11217, $25 per class,

Sunset Park

CrossFit 718
712 Fifth Ave., between 22nd and 23rd Sts., 11232, $20 per class,


Brooklyn CrossFit South Williamsburg
70 River St., at N. 1st St., 11211, $20 per class,

CrossFit Virtuosity
221 N. 8th St., between Driggs and Roebling Ave., 11211, call for prices,


The Bronx Box
322 Jackson Ave., at 141st St., 10454, call for prices,

QUEENS (Listed alphabetically by neighborhood)


CrossFit Queens
25-50 31st St., between Newtown. and 30th Aves., 11102, $25 per class,

CrossFit Dynamix
36-05 20th Ave., at 36th St., 11105, call for prices,


CrossFit Glendale
70-17 83rd St., between Cooper and Doran Aves., 11385, $20 per class,

Long Island City

CrossFit Long Island City
13-05 44th Ave. (between 13th St. and 21st St.), 11011, call for prices,

CrossFit Gantry
10-20 47th Rd., between Vemon Blvd. and 11th St., 11101, $25 per class,


Staten Island CrossFit
3801 Victory Blvd., Unit 3, 10314, $20 per class,

Outerbridge CrossFit
101 Ellis St., between Weir Lane and Nassau Pl., 10307, call for prices,

Well+Good research and reporting by Lisa Elaine Held, with additional reporting by Sarah Sarway.

Did we forget any CrossFit boxes? Tell us in the Comments, below.

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