Yoga & Pilates essentials: A gift guide for your favorite flexible people

Pilates studios provide the rings and reformers. And yoga is not about the “stuff” anyway. But we all need a few tools to be comfortable, so we can focus on the practice itself. With the holidays coming up, here are a few items to get the core-conscious Pilates pro or yogi in your life. Even if that person is you.

What do most yogis want? More yoga!
Yoga runs from $130 to $250 a month for unlimited classes and up to $20 for a single class at most NYC studios, so a gift certificate or a class card to a yogi’s regular studio is one of the best presents ever. (Just make sure you shop by the studio: An Iyengar Institute devotee is not going to be excited about a Bikram certificate, and vice versa.) Be sure to ask how long it will be valid for, when it can be activated, and check that it will last beyond the class card your yogi probably already has. Note: Some studios offer discounted monthly unlimited passes for the holidays, which may end up being a better buy than a class card.

The new, long JenJen top

Hyde Yoga’s new JenJen top
Their drawstring pants have a cult following for their figure flattering fit, supreme comfort, and saturated colors. But some Hyde-loving ladies felt their tops lacked a little length, leaving an uncomfortably exposed mid-section when reaching for the toes. That problem’s now been solved by the JenJen top, launching next week, which is a happy hip-hitting 23 inches long. Made out of Hyde’s signature 92% organic cotton and 8% spandex jersey, the JenJen comes in black and claret. Look for more colors in spring. $42,

Helping yogis hold their poses since 2003

Yogitoes Skidless Towels
More often than not, a good asana practice creates a good schvitz. The danger here: inadvertent acrobatics caused by sweat-dappled, slippery surfaces. Enter the Yogitoes Skidless Towel, which lies on top of the yoga mat and sticks in place despite all the dampness. (That’s thanks to silicon nubs on the bottom.) The towels, which we’ve tested and deem worthy of toting back and forth, come in several colors and a portion of the proceeds from a few specific styles go to different charities around the globe. $64 for a mat-size towel,

A mat with class (and instruction)

The Real Alignment Mat
Tribeca Pilates maven Alycea Ungaro first designed this alignment-aiding mat in her mind’s eye five years ago. “The printing costs would have made it $80 back then,” she remembers. Finally this unique mat comes to market, and for a reasonable $35. The tree graphic contains circles that show you where to place your head, shoulders, hips, and feet, serving as the perfect silent instructor during a mat class. Flip it over and use it for yoga. (Or pour some drinks and invent a party game.) $35,

Lululemon's stylish Gather & Crow pants are worthy of wear outside of class

Gather & Crow Pants
Lululemon’s Yoga Groove pant may be a classic, but some of the yogis here at Well+Good prefer the sleeker silhouette of the new Gather & Crow pant. Mostly for the drawstring hem, which lets you adjust the length of the pant leg to get the cuffs out of your way during class. And around town, the pants double as the perfect pair of black leggings, a mat-to-street practice that we approve of. $98,

Did we forget an important gift idea for the bendy person in your life? Tell us, here!

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