The Saturday workout routines of Well+Good staffers

Well+Good Biathlon 31 Saturdays are sacred workout days.

While the week can get so busy you miss classes you already paid for (further adding to the stress you didn’t get to release via kickboxing), and Sunday is reserved for brunching and errands, Saturday is the perfect day to really get in the energetic, sweaty session of your choice.

Since Well+Good team members (some of whom are pictured above) really know workouts, we decided to share the go-to Saturday routines that keep us grounded and give us energy for the week ahead.

Click through to see whose Saturday Workout Behavior (SWB) is most similar to your own—or to get some sweaty weekend inspiration for the new year. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Larkin Clark snapped many of the Well+Good staffers at the NYC Bicoastal Biathlon)


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Jamie McKillop Workout Jamie McKillop, Assistant Editor

Running in my building’s gym

As a Bushwick resident (I know, so trendy), I tend to shy away from going into Manhattan for workouts on the weekends, which is a big part of my job during the week. Luckily, my building has a gym, and since most of the other people in my building are too cool to work out, there’s usually no one in there. I kind of enjoy the solace of running on the treadmill alone, to get a break from the hyper-stimulation of group boutique fitness workouts. Bonus: I get cell service, so I can catch up with Colbert on Hulu on my phone.

(Photo: Caroline Berg Eriksen)


Jill Cromwell Wang Workout Jill Cromwell Wang, Advertising Director

Running and squats

I wake up early on Saturday mornings for some “me” time and go for a run along the West Side Highway running path. These runs are typically just a little therapy session for me where I reflect on the past week. I don’t have a specific pace or mileage in mind. I just go for the amount of time needed to think, reflect, and feel rejuvenated. I enjoy the non-competitive nature of it and not comparing myself to others the way I do in classes (a terrible habit, I know). Then I usually meet my husband at our local Equinox (either Columbus Circle or W. 76th St.) to work on getting stronger and better form on my squats. His theory is that “squats will set you free,” so I’m testing it out.

(Photo: Johanna Day)


Kate Citron Workout Kate Citron, Digital Sales and Marketing Associate

Boutique fitness class and hot yoga

Though I live in Brooklyn, I almost always travel to Manhattan for workouts, and Saturdays are no exception. Lucky for me, Union Square is convenient for me and the L Train, and is a hot bed of boutique fitness studios. After a good night’s rest on Friday, I love a challenging class like Tone House, City Row, or Swerve followed by a sweaty vinyasa flow. For yoga, I typically head to one of the many Yoga To The People studios around the city or travel back to my Brooklyn neighborhood for Y7 Studio.

(Photo: Tone House)


Kimie B Workout Kimie Bunyasaranand, Operations Associate

A training run or complementary workouts

Saturdays are probably my favorite workout day, when I’m not fitting it into a constrained block of time. If I’m training for a race, I’ll do a long run on Saturday mornings, usually a route that includes the Queensboro Bridge from my place in Astoria in some way. If I’m not training, I like to mix up a couple of complementary workouts—a HIIT class followed by yoga (Drill Fitness in Tribeca and The Yoga Room in Astoria are some current favorites), or a short run that ends at Blink for some free weights and core exercises.



Lisa Held Workout Lisa Elaine Held, Features Editor

Running outside or a local yoga class

I live in Astoria, and on weekends it’s very rare for me to go to Manhattan to work out. Plus, since I go to so many boutique fitness studios and gyms as part of my job, I often just want something low-key that gives me some time to myself on a Saturday. Usually I’ll go for a run to Socrates Sculpture Park. It’s a perfect four- to five-mile round-trip run depending on my route, and I love checking out the new sculptures and the view of the East River. Sometimes I’ll go to Yoga Agora, too, a tiny, amazing studio in Astoria that has fabulous teachers, a real community feel, and classes that cost only $5. (Note: I cannot even attempt the yoga pose pictured here, which my fellow editor chose for me.)

(Photo: Flickr)


Melisse Gelula Workout Melisse Gelula, Co-Founder and Editorial Director

Brooklyn Bodyburn, Cobble Hill

Someone we interviewed for Well+Good once said to make sure you get your workouts in on weekends, so if your work week gets crazy, you’ll always have two in the bank. Some weeks, that makes all the difference for hitting four sweat sessions. I live in South Brooklyn, and I’ve been waiting for Manhattan boutique fitness to come. (Why does Williamsburg get all the love?) And I’m also one of those people who doesn’t like to go into Manhattan on weekends. So I’ve become a regular in Andrea Dusel-Foil’s Brooklyn Bodyburn class every Saturday morning for a serious sweat-fest on the latest model of Megaformers (that I’ve noticed make it impossible to cheat). She’s great at corrections, and going regularly, I’ve gotten so much better at doing the moves correctly. My lunges are a whole new thing.

(Photo: Brooklyn Bodyburn)


Molly Gallagher Workout Molly Gallagher, Associate Editor

Running or a boutique fitness class

During the summer, there’s nothing I love more than running in Sag Harbor by the beach, but during the winter, sometimes I just can’t bear the temperatures. If I go to a Manhattan boutique fitness studio on a Saturday, it has to be either within walking distance or a quick subway ride away. Some of my current go-tos are the new Barre3 studio in the West Village (Citarella is right around the corner, so they get bonus post-workout shopping points) or finding one of my fave SoulCycle instructors on the schedule downtown, whether it’s Union Square or Noho. There’s something really cathartic about experiencing a workout on a personal level, without snapping photos on my iPhone or jotting down notes in my head for a story.

(Photo: Barre3)


Sarah Sarway Workout Sarah Sarway, Social Media and Marketing Associate


I usually make Saturday the “do-absolutely-zero” day, and crank out my killer weekend workout on Sunday mornings. I almost always take a 60-minute class at Flywheel. There’s nothing like a full hour in the saddle—especially after a long night out (hard to believe, I know!). On the rare instances that I convince my girlfriends to wake up early on a Sunday to join me, we end off with a somewhat-sweaty endorphin-filled brunch.

(Photo: Gallery Hip)


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