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Photo: Koya Webb
Aveda Branded RibbonAs you go through your beauty regimen, you probably find yourself waiting for an oil to sink in or a face mask to work its magic. This is a lovely moment to get in some quality Netflix time—but if you’re anything like acro-yoga pro Koya Webb, it’s an opportunity for some yoga flow.

Yep, Webb has managed to combine her skin-care routine with a centering stretch for the ultimate dose of self-care. So, how does this seriously soothing process start?

With the face. Webb begins with the Radiant Awakening Ritual, the two-step ritual from Aveda’s new Ayurveda-inspired Tulasāra™ skin-care line. After gentle exfoliation with the Tulasāra™ Radiant Facial Dry Brush, Webb applies Radiant Oleation Oil, a 100 percent naturally derived* blend of six nourishing plant oils that boosts circulation as you massage it in. It takes four minutes to absorb into skin—so Webb adds a vinyasa routine for some double-duty, glow-awakening action.

“I really like to do hip openers while I’m doing my skin-care routine,” says Webb. “I do them while I write in my gratitude journal, which helps calm and center me and lets me focus on what I’m grateful for. If I had a bad or a hectic day, writing helps me release anything negative—and this goes along with the hip openers, because we usually store our emotions in our hips.”

Keep reading for Webb’s five-step yoga routine for some seriously healthy multi-tasking. It only takes four minutes!

Get Started

1. Pigeon

“I love pigeon—it’s my favorite hip opener,” says Webb. “Not only is it great for opening the hips, but it also stretches out your hamstrings and releases emotion. And it’s actually the best one to write in because you get to lean over your [front] leg—so this is when I usually write in my gratitude journal.”


2. Cow face pose

“This one’s very similar to the next move (fire log pose), but it goes deeper into my hips,” says Webb. “I like this one because I can relax a little bit more before the more challenging pose I do next.”


3. Fire log pose

“This is with your ankles on your knees with both of your legs in front of you [sitting down],” she says. “It gets a different area of your hip and works a little bit deeper. I like it because it works on my knees, where I’ve had injuries, and it helps loosen me up.”


4. Seated forward fold

“This is a really good pose to lengthen out the hamstrings for when I’ve been sitting or walking a lot,” Webb says. “My hamstrings are usually tight because I’m a runner, so taking the time to do this really relaxes my body and gives me the chance to open it up and stretch.”


5. Spinal twists

“I do spinal twists just to calibrate my body,” she says.

For more information on Aveda’s Radiant Awakening Ritual, go to

* From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Learn more at

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