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While many yogis go commando in class, I’m just not that kind of yogi. But it’s been a serious challenge to find the right item that lays undetectably flat under jersey practice pants, and that moves with you during a vigorous asana and, um, not up it.

However, I think the people at Zobha, a West Coast brand that’s slowly coming East, have solved this problem. (Thank you, Santa.) Their whisper thin seamless boyshort ($18) is far better than other “yoga panties” I’ve tried. They trump seamless laser-cut models whose fabric just can’t handle a workout and Lululemon’s boyshorts, which have seams that show. I also prefer them to Commando and Hanky Panky thongs. But that’s just me.

The Zobha boyshort goes where it needs to go and stays where it needs to stay (like a dutiful sartorial sentry), all while keeping the lowest possible (pantyline) profile. They have one seam, which runs along your, well, personal seam. But this does not show. It’s a nothing-there look, but with the security of a boyshort.

Lest you think I’m just gushing, the undies meet more objective standards of measurement, too, by delivering on all four sacred attributes of any fitness garment: moisture-wicking, breathability, quick dry, and shape retention. They’re not made from flax and bamboo. But they do have a wholesome cotton-lined gusset.

Plus, they’re cute. And although looking good is not my first priority in yoga class, it’s nice to feel confident and comfortable when bending, twisting, and squatting in ways that plumbers never would.

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