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Did we find the world's most scenic cycling studio?
Tree House
The Tree House. (Photo: The BodyHoliday)


It’s normal to find spin studios tucked into dark basements. What’s exceedingly rare? A glass-walled tree house overlooking the ocean waves that’s made for the crazy popular bike workout.

We found this Tree House not in Montauk or among the cliffside mansions of Malibu (though that’s a great idea!) at LeSport’s BodyHoliday, an all-inclusive fitness-focused resort in Saint Lucia.

Built last December, the scenic cycling studio is set into a huge hill, down a path from the spa and gym, so that while you’re sweating on one of the 25 LiveStrong bikes, you can gaze out over the lush jungle at the deep blue waters of the Caribbean. (You can also see the pool and bar…which may motivate you to pedal as fast as possible, so as to get to relaxing ASAP.)

(Photo: The BodyHoliday)
Having viewed this fitness space ourselves, we can honestly say this photo does not do it justice. (Photo: The BodyHoliday)


Classes take place about three times a week, and the tree house roof also serves as a Zen Deck, where yoga classes are held. We’d just recommend staying away from the edge when you’re balancing in half moon. —Lisa Elaine Held

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