These photos of people working out with their pets are your daily dose of cuteness

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Pet companionship is one of life’s great joys—especially when you snap a photo of you and your canine friend both doing downward dog (#twinning).

As any pet parent knows, having a roommate that cute can make you a little obsessed—so much so that you go out of your way to feed them premium food, treat them to massages (hey, they need it after that morning run), and—yes—post photos all over your Instagram.

So together with ORGANIX®, the leader in organic pet food, we asked you to share your best pics of getting active with your pet on social media. And the results were…cuteness overload.

Check them out below, and share with an animal lover in your life. Because honestly, shouldn’t we all be talking about dog yoga more?

Scroll down for all the adorable snaps—they’ll make you want to grab your pet and your yoga mat ASAP.

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Shout out to to Melanie of @headstandsandheels, who turned our heads with her totally Zenned-out pup (okay, and with her super cool activewear).


This gorgeous beach yoga video (with an important dog cameo) courtesy of Julianne (@juliannejonesyoga) is giving us all the feels.


Stephanie (@steffiegeorge) and her dog are total #hikinggoals. Can we join?


When stretch time and playtime collide. Gabi’s (@gabiabolo) French bulldog friend just can’t keep his cool.


Look at that smile! This fall scene by Danielle (@danielle_e_gordon) proves that going on a walk really is a dog’s favorite thing.


A photo posted by bigjenni (@bigjenni) on

When you’re pulling off a badass yoga move, and your dog is unimpressed. Props to Jenni (@bigjenni) for this hilarious snap.


A photo posted by @sury_girl (@sury_girl) on

Nothing to see here—just a Simba moment from a dog with an Instagram account (@sury_girl).



Pilates + dogs = amazing afternoon, as Cassie (@SmartyCassie) can attest.

Another great way to care for your animal bestie? Feed them ORGANIX®, the leader in organic dog food. To learn more about ORGANIX®, go to 

Top photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma

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