Tone House meets Shadowbox: A high-intensity, at-home sweat session

High intensity at home workout

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The Well+Good Fitness Biathlon is an annual mega event, where we pair up fitness studios for back-to-back workout experiences that seriously rock. To get you warmed up for this year’s events—in New York City on October 17 and in Chicago and Boston on November 7—we tapped eight superstar trainers to team up and create mash-up workouts that mix their sweaty disciplines. Think dance cardio meets HIIT, and boxing meets sports conditioning. Do them to get psyched for the big events, or to be a part of the action no matter where you live.

For this high-intensity, at-home workout, we tapped superstar Shadowbox trainer Julie “Jaws” Nelson and Tone House founder Alonzo Wilson (both of whom happen to be Wilhemina fitness models when they’re not whipping others into shape).

Together, they combined the cardio-sculpting power of Shadowbox with the push-past-your-limits strength training of Tone House into one interval workout that is not for the faint of heart. (Read: it’s book-ended by their personal versions of burpees.) Of course, since both workouts are known for their equipment (punching bags! sand bags!), they had to get a little creative. But trust us, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a break.

The Workout: Shadowbox meets Tone House

Time: 30 minutes
Equipment: Sliders (small towels or paper plates work as substitutes, light (2-3 lb.) hand weights (optional)
How to: Do each exercise for one minute with 30 seconds of rest in between each. Repeat the entire circuit twice. (Or more if you’re feeling motivated!)  There are lots of push-ups throughout, so if you can’t maintain proper form, drop to your knees for a modification. You can also drop the weights in the exercises that include them to take it down a notch. Important tip: Before you jump in, refresh your knowledge of basic boxing stance and punches, so you’ll have good form throughout.

jaws_1 Jump-Back into Jab-Cross
Start in your boxing stance. Place your palms on the floor and jump your feet back to plank position, keeping your abs tight, body flat. Hop your feet back between your hands, stand up, repeat.

alonzo_4 Scorpion Push-Up
Start in plank position, shoulders over wrists, abs tight, body in a straight line. Lower your chest to the floor keeping your entire body stable. As you push back up, pivot on your left foot, shifting your weight into your left hand, rotating your chest open and placing your right foot on the floor outside the left leg. Lift your left leg and extend your right arm to touch the foot. Rotate back into push-up position and repeat, alternating sides.

jaws_4 Walk-down with Alternating Jumping Lunge
Start in your boxing stance. Take 4 steps forward, throwing a jab as your left foot moves forward, a cross as your right foot moves (opposite if you’re lefty!). Then, extend one foot behind you, bending your back knee to the ground, keeping your front knee at a 90-degree angle to the floor, directly over your ankle. Jump up to switch legs 4 times, moving backwards toward your starting point.

alonzo_6 Atomic Push-Up
Start in plank position, shoulders over wrists, abs tight, body in a straight line, with your feet on sliders. Slide your feet in towards your chest, bending your knees, and then back out, lowering your chest to the floor when your legs are fully extended.

jaws_5 Punching Combo
Start in boxing stance. Stay light on your feet as you throw each punch in this order: Jab, cross, hook, slip (squat down quickly), hook, jab, jab, cross.

alonzo_2 Thirsty Push-Up
This one includes a water reward! Start in plank position, shoulders over wrists, abs tight, body in a straight line, with your right hand on a water bottle. Lower your chest to the floor for a push-up, while rolling the water bottle along the floor with your right hand, extending it straight forward. Do a few on each side and then reward yourself with a sip in between. (Minimum 1 rep before you take a sip. Trying to finish the bottle is a fun goal and makes you work for your water.)

Jaws Boxing 2 Sit-Up with Jab-Cross (with weights
Lay on your back with your knees slightly bent, feet slightly wider than hips-width apart, holding light hand weights (or fists) in front of your face. Sit up, moving your chest forward towards your knees and keeping your back straight, and throw a jab and a cross at the top, before lowering back to the floor.

alonzo_5 Side-Back Lunges
Stand with your feet hip-width apart, both feet on sliders. Extend your right foot back behind you, bending the knee towards the floor. Slide it back in, to standing, and then extend it straight out to the side while bending in the standing leg and sitting your butt way back, as if there’s a chair waiting for you. Keep your chest lifted and your standing knee directly over the ankle throughout.

jaws_3 Forearm Plank Jab-Cross (with weights)
Start in a forearm plank position, shoulders directly over elbows, abs tight, body in a straight line, feet slightly wider than hips-width for stability. Hold a light weight in each hand (or make fists). Alternating sides, lift each arm and punch straight forward, keeping the rest of the body as still and straight as possible.

Place your palms on the floor and jump your feet back to plank position, keeping your abs tight, body flat. Lower your chest to the floor for a push-up, push back up and jump the feet back behind the hands. As soon as they arrive, jump up, lifting your feet and tucking your knees into your chest, as high as possible.

For more information, visit and, and check out the details for the 2015 Fitness Biathlon, here

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