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Tone HouseHaving trouble getting into classes at Tone House? That may change soon.

The boot camp-style sports conditioning-based workout has become a boutique fitness favorite and often has long wait-lists for classes at peak times since it opened in Union Square in March 2014—despite, or maybe because of, its reputation as the toughest workout class in Manhattan.

To remedy that, the brand is moving into a splashy new space in Murray Hill this winter (exact timing TBD), with three times the space for your bear crawls and TRX squats.

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The new studio will also have full service locker rooms with showers, a lobby and retail area for pre- and post-class lounging, new fitness toys (a Tone House specialty), and “other surprise amenities,” says COO Elvira Yambot. Classes size will be much bigger, potentially accommodating up to 30 people (up from a current max of 14), but the overall format will stay the same.

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Another bonus, according to Yambot? “The distance we’ll have for speed work and sprints will be much more,” she says. “That will be an added challenge to the workout in and of itself, just changing how far the person is running and crawling.”

Wait, so it might actually get harder? We’d like to request an ice bath recovery area in the locker rooms, please. —Lisa Elaine Held

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(Photo: Robert Caplin for Well+Good)