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There’s a time and place for working out without music, but sometimes a killer playlist is key.

Like when it’s freezing outside and peeling yourself out of bed feels like torture. Or you haven’t hit the gym in a while and you need some extra motivation to get you back on track. Or even when you’re on the brink of ending a workout—because when that song comes on your playlist, you’ve suddenly got a second wind and are able to push through for a few more minutes.

If you’re still stuck listening to Drake croon “One Dance” or Fifth Harmony belt out “Work From Home,” rejoice: Spotify just released new data on the top workout tracks that are keeping fitness enthusiasts fired up right now. Sure, there’s nothing underground or indie about the songs that made the cut, but it’s a great indicator on what helps people go the extra mile—sometimes literally.

Scroll down for the top 10 songs for a sweat sesh on Spotify right now.

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