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Tough Mudder Pin It
Photo: Tough Mudder

Soon, Tough Mudder competitors will be able to get their obstacle course fix—without all the mud. The hardcore outdoor race brand just announced that it will be launching a chain of boutique studios in 2017, according to New York Business Journal.

According to Tough Mudder CEO Will Dean, the launch will happen as soon as January and the expansion will stretch wider than the boutique fitness meccas of New York City and Los Angeles—he’s looking to take the new gym chain all across the US.

What sort of equipment can you expect to find in the Tough Mudder gyms? For right now, Dean is revealing few details, but he does say there will be classes specifically designed to get people ready for the competition.

As New York Business Journal points out, opening the gyms could be a smart business move on Dean’s part so the Tough Mudder brand won’t have to rely so heavily on the $130 race fees for revenue, as race participation growth slows. Last year, 550,000 people reportedly took part in a Tough Mudder obstacle race—so those new gyms just might be crowded.

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