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Between travel and party plans, it can be hard to fit in regular sweat sessions during the holiday season, which is why we’ve tapped buzzy celeb trainer Tracy Anderson to create three workouts that are not only fast and effective, but able to be done anywhere—in case the only “gym” space you can find this week is the floor of your parents’ living room.

The key with shorter workouts, according to Anderson, who’s instructed everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Tracee Ellis Ross, Lena Dunham, and Madonna, is to activate as many muscle groups as possible simultaneously. “Your entire body has to participate in order to perform these moves properly,” she says. “So you will be connecting more, thus you’ll be burning more calories.” If you do this, “you don’t have to be running or jumping to get a good cardiovascular workout,”explains Anderson, who regularly streams videos of real-time workouts from her eponymous studios in New York City.

“You don’t have to be running or jumping to get a good cardiovascular workout.”

All you need to perform the three moves Anderson demos in this video is a mat. Oh, and a killer playlist couldn’t hurt. “You’re going to need something a little supercharged here,” Anderson suggests. Her pick? “Some new Foo Fighters.”

If you’re still looking for healthy recipes to add to your Thanksgiving dinner, try Anderson’s go-to gut-friendly salad or this pumpkin-turmeric soup.