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Megabrand Tracy Anderson, whose high-profile client list has included Lena Dunham and business partner Gwyneth Paltrow, says she’ll no longer be accepting celebrity clients because honestly, we’re all way too celeb-obsessed.

“I feel like we’re constantly dimming our own lights by showing there’s a demand for, ‘Oh my gosh, that celebrity is carrying that drink. Is she drinking it? Is that why she looks like that? I want that drink, too, because then maybe I’ll look like that,'” Anderson tells the AP. “It’s toxic.”

Anderson was obviously a household name way before people had the option of turning to Instagram and YouTube for gym-time guidance—attaching your name to a celeb was virtually the only way to build a brand. But now, times are changing. “What celebrities doing is irrelevant,” Anderson tells the AP. Maybe. But whatever happens next, we’re paying attention.

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