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Men's ProgramToday, the celeb trainer known for sculpting Gwyneth and Nicole Richie officially announced the launch of the Tracy Anderson Men’s Program.

While men aren’t the common demographic of dance cardio classes (or the smaller free weights these workouts typically employ), Anderson wants to change that. According to Details, she’s already tested it on Matthew McConaughey and Robert Downey Jr.

The men’s program will include $40 a la carte classes at Anderson’s Studio City and Tribeca studios, beginning October 14. A DVD will follow in early 2014, plus classes on Xbox Fitness. (It was time for your boyfriend to take a break from Grand Theft Auto V anyway?)

What does it entail? According to a press release, “A typical workout will include a full body warm-up, an arm routine, a lower-body workout that employs planks along with movements that use a variety of weights and levels of resistance to build strength and flexibility, and a focused core routine that defines the abdominal muscles and works deeply in the transverse abdominals. The workout concludes with high-intensity, agility-based cardio work.”

Weights will be 5—10 pounds, and Anderson is also creating something called a “Men’s High Intensity Machine,” for in-studio classes which Details describes as a “treadmill-like contraption with a built-in obstacle course.”

While the workout will likely make guys sweat buckets and burn calories, at least as much as the women who do the Tracy Anderson Method, it’s probably not going to get them totally ripped.

But since everything Anderson touches turns to gold, no doubt some men will be totally into booty-shaking and pulsing their arms to club beats. Perhaps just not the dudes who go to CrossFit. —Lisa Elaine Held 

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