Tracy Anderson: From fitness trainer to megabrand

(Photo: Tracy Anderson)
(Photo: Tracy Anderson)

This is a not-even-close-to-exhaustive list of products that have Tracy Anderson’s name stamped on them: DVDs, books, leggings, shirts, hats, food, supplements, weights, bands, trampolines, water bottles, blowout bars, and candles. And it doesn’t even begin to do her reach— and her business savvy—justice.

While the dance cardio pioneer has become increasingly famous in the last few years thanks to celebrity clients like Gwyneth Paltrow (who’s also a business partner) and Nicole Richie, Anderson’s not content with simply sculpting Hollywood bods at her studio. She’s going for full-on lifestyle guru. And megabrand.

In fact, there’s probably no female fitness guru besides Jillian Michaels who’s as prolific. You could say Anderson’s got serious hustle in the studio and as a business woman.

“Each component is an extension of my fitness method, the brand, and what I stand for,” she says. “It’s taken me 15 years of dedicated research and development to be able to give my clients the total package of support in overall health, beauty, mind and body. And I’m certainly not done yet.”

The Food Program by Tracy Anderson, which launched earlier this year, is her most ambitious foray outside of fitness to date (especially since she has no formal training in nutrition). For rates starting at $49.95 per day, people all over the country can have Anderson-approved meals delivered to their homes, where hopefully they’ve just cued up a Metamorphosis DVD or just returned from a class at her brand-new Brentwood studio, her fourth.

Tracy Anderson Food Program
In addition to The Food Program, Anderson also launched The Nutrient Program, a line of supplements. (Photo: Tracy Anderson)

DVDs are another area where Anderson has created a veritable empire. In addition to the four-disc Metamorphosis program, which women purchase as a set and then as a monthly membership in an online program, it seems like she rolls out a new title every month. There’s Dance Cardio II, Teen Meta, and the Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series. Not to mention The Pregnancy Project, which Anderson filmed during her second pregnancy, endearing her to moms everywhere. (Post-natal DVDs, of course, followed.)

And her popular Detox Weeks are just another illustration of Anderson’s prowess and pull. Women pay close to $2,000 for seven days of Tracy time, working out with her, eating her meals, and listening to her dish out advice on nutrition, hormones, and the mind-body connection (and maybe which TAM leggings are most flattering?)

She’s even speaking on a panel at the WIE Symposium this weekend—alongside powerful women like Katie Couric and Norma Kamali.

What’s next for Anderson? The overachiever says she’s constantly exploring new ideas and is especially excited about a new men’s program she’s been developing.

As for her role (and reign) as a lifestyle guru, Anderson says it makes sense that people look to her for support and advice on fitness—and all of the other things that come with living a healthy, happy life. “I’ve designed a method that truly works, which can and has taken people the distance,” she says. “I’m a support system, a nurturer, a coach, and hopefully an inspiration to them in regards to what’s possible.” —Lisa Elaine Held

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