Tracy Anderson launches Detox Weeks

The celebrity trainer and enterprising fitness guru is adding Detox Weeks to her growing empire. Expect meal plans, workouts, lectures—and a $1,800 price tag.
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Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s about to give birth to baby number two. But the enterprising fitness guru has detox on the brain. She’s adding Detox Weeks to her growing fitness empire that now includes studios in Tribeca, the Hamptons, and LA, plus DVDs galore and fitness equipment.

The goal of the week-long program, Anderson told us, “is to rid your body of toxins and educate you on how best to take care of yourself in fitness and health.”

She adds, “My program is designed to give women a full week of empowerment. They’ll not only get the practical tools, they’ll get the support they need to transform.”

Exclusive to her Water Mill studio, which will open full-time June 23 through Labor Day weekend (as of now it’s weekend-only), the seven-day program will set you back $1,800. More than a juice cleanse, but less than a week at a weight-loss spa.

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Nicole Richie followed in Gwyneth Paltrow's steps as student of Anderson

Specific details are still being kept hush-hush, so all we know for now is that the immersion program will include meals based on a body-type analysis, two hours of daily exercise with Tracy Anderson and senior teachers Maria Kelling and Stacey McDermott, daily lectures, and question-and-answer sessions. We’re guessing lobster rolls are not on the meal plan. Not like you’d have time to sneak off for one anyway.

The actual meat and potatoes of what you’ll be dining on (raw food? juice? baby food?) hasn’t even been disclosed yet. Anderson says we can expect the menu and further details next week.

So what can you accomplish in a week on this diet and exercise regime? Those who complete the program can expect to lose 7–12 pounds, says Anderson, and gain “the more important ability to scale up [your] endurance,” which is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It’s hard to imagine losing that amount of weight without massively cutting back on calories. But Anderson told us that she never thinks women should resort to extreme dieting. “That isn’t the answer,” she says “and it never will be.” —Sharon Feiereisen

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