You can now participate in Tracy Anderson’s Tribeca classes—at home

Tracy Anderson
The first filmed Tracy Anderson Method Master Class this week. (Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)

On Wednesday morning, at Tracy Anderson’s exclusive Tribeca studio, the room was filled to capacity with fit women who stacked hand and ankle weights next to their mats while chatting about upcoming holiday vacations to Parrot Cay and Aspen.

And when the petite fitness phenomenon entered the room right as class began, she grinned with excitement. First, at her most loyal clients, and then up above their heads, at a tiny camera newly positioned to capture her every dance move and leg lift.

The class was the official kick-off of Anderson’s new streaming workout platform, debuting this week as part of a major website relaunch (just a few days after the announcement of new CEO Maria Baum), and giving women (and men!) all over the world access to her live classes from their own living rooms and hotel suites.

Anderson—who counts Gwyneth Paltrow as a business partner and is currently training Jennifer Lopez, among other celebs—says people had asked her to create apps and digital content for a long time, but that she could never figure out a way to do it that felt like it really aligned with her mission and approach, until now.

“For me, where it’s at is I’m going to literally do it with a camera that’s gonna come to my Master Classes with me, where no one is going to stand in the middle of the experience or the content,” she says. “I said to Gwyneth, ‘Why don’t we just open the door and let them do what’s real?'”

Unlike with her many DVDs, she says that the model will allow subscribers to benefit from the new research and experiences she taps to keep evolving the method each week. “You have me today. You have me in the moment. You have me in real time,” she says.

Tracy Anderson
A screenshot of the new streaming option on the website. (Photo: Tracy Anderson Method)

Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday, Anderson’s morning Master Class will be captured and immediately uploaded to the website, where individuals who’ve purchased six-month memberships ($475) will then be able to get sweaty with her at home—or from vacation destinations. Tutorials from her trainers breaking down the moves will be included for newbies (or for achieving perfect alignment). The class will be available for seven days, until the new one is posted, and then it will disappear.

How often should you do the class, if you’re following along at home? “Every day!” she emphasizes.

In addition the to the streaming workouts, the new website will also include her playlists, an expanded fitness philanthropy page, her clothing line and other products, and the roll out of her Vitality Weeks “on the road,” meaning she’ll be traveling all over the country to do them in different cities and at events like Sundance. “I’m obsessed with them. I love connecting with people and literally helping them overcome their individual challenges as a group,” she says.

All of this is part of her continuously expanding her reach and convincing more people that they don’t have to be Gwyneth or JLo to benefit from what she’s offering. “There’s a huge aspirational part of what I do,” she says. “But I’m really only interested in the opportunities where people are actually walking the walk, they’re actually living it.” —Lisa Elaine Held

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