Tracy Anderson’s Vitality Week in Brentwood is her most go-deep program yet

While the Tracy Anderson Method is all about not plateauing with fresh workouts, this special week also addresses the inner life reasons people get stuck.

tracy_anderson_2014 Tracy Anderson never rests. She’s constantly innovating, rolling out new DVDs, books, leggings, food, supplements, weights, bands, water bottles, blowout bars, pregnancy programs, men’s programs, you name it.

Now, this September, it’s the first time the fitness pioneer will host Vitality Week in her splashy year-old Brentwood studio. (Back to dance cardio school?)

Earlier this summer, Anderson debuted the Vitality program (which she spells “viTAlity”—capitalizing her initials), at her Hamptons studio. (It sold out.) And the Los Angeles week will have the same no-plateau focus. Only instead of just learning fresh new workouts to get you to a new fitness place, the four-day program, with two-hour sessions, is meant to be “more of an experience where attendees learn about themselves,” explains Anderson.

“It’s the first time I’ve offered personalized body consultations and laid out specific lectures with topics. It’s a much bigger problem solving experience of why people can’t achieve their best bodies. It’s a much deeper dive,” says Anderson, who’s says it will be a small group, and open to non-members of her studio. (Members pay $500, non-members $750.)

While Anderson has hosted Detox Weeks in the past, those were a much more “experimental program where people did the work out, took their food, and went home,” she says. This is more of an “interpersonal journey and focuses more into the psychology of why people can’t get done what they want to get done.” In other words, be prepared to sweat—and to address some of your demons.

“I’m looking forward to meeting those in LA who are ready to get real and get better with me. My favorite part of the ViTAlity Weeks is we just bring it all forward,” Anderson says, “and deal with it in a fun, nurturing, achieving, no one is faking anything kind of way.” The workout doctor is in. —Melisse Gelula

For more information about the Brentwood Vitality Week (starting Saturday, September 13, 2014), visit

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