How star trainer and fitness model Natalie Uhling keeps it real


Natalie Uhling This January, we’re promoting honesty and transparency in wellness with our#iamwellandgood initiative. Instead of making epic resolutions, we’re inspired by the sweaty, messy, imperfect ways real people (like us!) live healthy, unfiltered lives on a daily basis. To celebrate, we asked incredible experts to share their super honest #iamwellandgood moments via Instagram takeovers all month long. Last week we tapped blogger Jordan Younger

And this week, star trainer and fitness model Natalie Uhling took over our Instagram.

A class with Uhling isn’t likely something you’d forget—it goes from zero to 60 in seconds. Just like the top Colorado-based instructor and the founder of NuFit classes. And while she’s crazy gorgeous and her life can look pretty glam (maybe you’ve seen her on a giant Under Armour Women ad?), she’s also the perfect example of someone who truly keeps it real, lugging her Marshall amp to class for great music and letting her mascara run during drills.

Which is why we asked Uhling to share her fitness lifestyle, unfiltered. From long hours prepping for her classes to making the time to chat with young girls while touring with Under Armour, she shared behind-the-scenes snapshots of her sweaty, healthy life during her @wellandgoodnyc Instagram takeover yesterday. Check it out now and stay tuned catch the next #iamwellandgood takeover on Sunday.

(Photos: Natalie Uhling)


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NU - 5 | choreography | The truth behind the goods. Long hours and studio time creating new methods. All I have to say is practice makes perfect. I do it because I LOVE it!


NU - 3 | game face | When you love the game you cannot help but get emotional. It might not always look pretty but it is real!


NU - 1 | crushed it | When your mascara runs down your face and your ponytail is soaking wet that means it was an epic day at NUFit! #pow #pow #pow


NU - 4 | inspire | On the road touring with Under Armour. I give it every thing when performing. I want young girls to see the real me. Looking like a sweaty mess is just part of the game, and I LOVE IT!


NU - 2 | work hard play harder | More chocolate covered marshmallows please! After a long day, don’t forget to treat yourself. :)

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