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Underground at Le Parker Meridien: 57th Street’s new wellness oasis

Underground at Le Parker Meridian opens today. It's a veritable playground of personal grooming, fitness, and relaxation all delivered at affordable luxury prices.
Iridescent tiling and expert lighting make you forget that Underground is literally that. (Photo:


Remember the excitement of a trip to the mall when you were 14? Everything you yearned for under one roof.

Welcome to the sophisticated, wellness version—a veritable playground of personal grooming, fitness, and relaxation all delivered at affordable luxury prices, AKA not hotel spa prices.

It’s called Underground at Le Parker Meridien, and it officially opens today. You can work out, have a facial, get a blowout and manicure, and walk out with a green juice and kale-avocado salad.

Many of our favorite brands are part of this innovative collective: Drybar, TenOverTen, Tata Harper (at the Moonshine Spa), and Blue Dog Café. Can we start a tab? —Alexia Brue

Here’s what you’ll find on the promising menu at this new Midtown wellness oasis, and our first visit report:

Grooming Gurus—Drybar and TenOverTen

Le Parker Meridian
The elevator to the Underground

Drybar delivers the perfect blowout, in a chic girly setting, for just $40. And New York women can’t get enough. With this second NYC location, appointments should be easier to get. Walk out looking like Gwyneth Paltrow or Zooey Deschanel, at least as far as locks go. 877-379-2279,

With its killer color section, attention to hygiene, and sweet service, TenOverTen had us at hello when they opened in Tribeca. We expect the same from the Midtown location that will open here in April. We hope the prices will be the same, too. 212-406-1010,

Wellness—the Moonshine Spa
Moonshine looks like Deadwood: The Spa. But in a groovy set-piece kind of way. We found the low-light, Western décor entertaining. The gender-neutral menu won’t confuse anyone because it just has two treatments: Facials and Massages, available in either 60 or 90-minute increments. We love the simplicity; customization happens once you’re with your therapist. And the prices are relaxing too. One hour treatments are $120 as compared to $180+ at most hotel spas. 212-708-7444,

The candle-lit Moonshine spa

Le Parker Meridian is revving up its 15,000-square-foot fitness facility, offering group class to personal training—and day passes when you buy spa treatment, so you can spend the day here. Gravity’s also hoping to woo Midtown boutique-gym members. (We’ll review the classes soon in Class Action.) 212-708-7340,

Food—Petit Blue Dog
Evidence that vegans and carnivores will both love the Petit Blue Dog? The “Raw Sandwich” and the “Meaty Sandwich” occupy the same menu, plus vegan cookies, lots of salads, and a variety of cold-pressed juices. 212-459-1240,