Venice’s new Love Yoga comes with lots of New York heart

GL0A6264Can you feel the love tonight, Los Angeles?

Adorable Montauk, New York, yoga studio Love Yoga is opening a second beach-adjacent location later this month—this time in Venice—and its instructor roster is filled with beloved NYC teachers who’ve bolted to the sunnier West Coast.

To open the studio, Love Yoga founder Sian Gordon teamed up with Kyle Miller, the former yoga director of Yoga Vida in New York City.

“Love in Montauk has been thriving for six years, and I was approached to join the team and open Love Venice,” Miller says. “Montauk is just a seasonal business open only five months per year. Our Venice location is a lot more substantial.”

The 1,350-square-foot studio features wrap-around windows, tons of light, a mural by artist Carly Margolis, live plants, the same aqua-blue wood floors as the Montauk location, a cedar check-in desk with 1,000-year-old wood by designer Chad Hagerman, and a private 10-car parking lot.

In addition to Miller and Gordon, NYC-transplant instructors on the schedule include Caley Alyssa, Liz Arch, Cat Acquaviva, and Danielle Tafeen.

What you can expect in a city filled with great yoga? “Our style is smart vinyasa. We want our students to breathe, move, sweat, oxygenate, aerate, flush, and feel good,” Miller says. “There’s good music, spiritual teachings, and Venice community vibes.”

If it works in a seaside surf town like Montauk, why not here? —Jamie McKillop

Love Yoga Venice, 835 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, Los Angeles, CA, 90291,

(Photo: Love Yoga)

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