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So your alarm didn’t go off—or you, er, slept through it—and missed your morning workout. Don’t go into panic mode: You may not have 45 minutes for a spin class, but you can still get in a sweat session in the time it takes to make a smoothie.

Quickfire 10-minute workouts are super popular right now, because, well, they’re super easy to squeeze into your busy schedule, but also due to mounting research on their effectiveness when you work intensely.

That’s why we teamed up with to show you four quick ways you can fit breaking a sweat into your busy day, just by spending a few more minutes on the stairs, or squatting as you put your groceries away (you know that crisper is super low….).

After all, a short workout is better than none. And if you’d rather get in a quickie workout with a trainer, try one of these short-and-sweaty online workouts.

Because, really, who doesn’t have ten minutes? —Molly Gallagher

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