Get “Yoga on the Fly”—a poster by Wanderlust and Well+Good

We teamed up with Wanderlust, the amazing yoga-music festivals, to create this gorgeous yoga poster that will keep you limber all summer long.

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Summer schedules mean you’re all over map, figuratively and literally. But five-hour car rides and plane trips to paradise shouldn’t interfere with your time on the mat. And as our friends at Wanderlust know, it’s yoga festival season. (They’ve got four epic festivals in the next few months. We’re headed to the Vermont one! Let’s carpool?) And travel can mean cramped, cooped up bodies before you get to the adventure part.

So we teamed up with the free-spirited, Wanderlusting adventurers to create this gorgeous yoga poster that will keep you long and limber all summer long. The sequence is the brainchild of Aarona Pichinson, the creator of Yoga Soundscapes. To bring Pichinson’s vision to life, we worked with Kate Sutton, a super talented illustrator.

“We wanted to create a fun travel yoga sequence that would motivate the Wanderlust community to keep falling in love with their yoga practice, no matter where they found themselves this summer,” says Ashley Campbell, Wanderlust’s marketing director. “And who better to collaborate with than the always inspiring yoga teacher Aarona Pichinson and the trend-setting ladies at Well+Good?” (Aww, thanks!)

We personally love having a yoga cheat sheet. And the poster has found a home on the wall of our bedroom and at the office. “It’s all about consistency; we can gain so much from showing up to our practice even if all you have is 15 minutes,” says Pichinson. “I created this sequence to get you moving with a limited amount of time on your plate.” (Or mat.)

Download your very own copy right here! (Say “Om Shanti” 10 times while waiting for it to download.)

Or, to view a slideshow of all the yoga poses, click here.

Bonus tips from Aarona Pichinson:
The sequence is a well-rounded balance of strength and stretch, building enough heat to get some of the gunk out while moving steadily into deeper stretches. If you have extra time, move through it once holding each pose for 5 breaths, and then repeat again with more flow. I encourage you to get to know the sequence, add your own fave poses, and adjust as needed!

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