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Photo: Instagram/@wanderlustfest

Wanderlust first cut its wellness teeth as the biggest (and one of the most successful) yoga-music festivals in the world. After that super-buzzy start, the brand expanded into its own physical space in Los Angeles and launched a yoga teacher training program as well as a New York City festival. But if you live outside NYC and LA, you may feel a little left out of the mindful happenings.

That’s all about to change: Beginning November 2, anyone with a modem can get Wanderlust TV, a new video-streaming service featuring rockstar yogis like Schuyler Grant (who founded Wanderlust and Kula Yoga Project), Noah Mazé (and his signature method, Yogamazé), and Briohny Smyth.

Wanderlust will offer three categories of on-demand videos: challenges, workshops, and class packs, grouped together according to teacher or style. Prices start at $4 for a single class and expand to $30 for the 21-day challenges (i.e., equivalent to one IRL boutique class).

The latest wellness brand to move into the digital space (following ClassPass, Peloton, and more—not to mention a whole online universe of YouTube classes, like Yoga with Adriene), Wanderlust will offer three categories of on-demand videos: challenges (daily 20-minute classes for 21 days meant to help build foundations for yoga and meditation practice), workshops (five to seven 20-minute classes that focus on specific modalities), and class packs, grouped together according to teacher or style. Prices start at $4 for a single class and expand to $30 for the 21-day challenges (kind of a steal, when you consider that’ll get you just one IRL boutique class).

Some of the classes, like The Journey with Chelsey Korus will feature custom soundtracks mixed by DJs, including Taz Rashid, and featuring other Wanderlust artists, like DJ Drez, Garth Stevenson, Ida Jo, and DJ Sol Rising (though there are literally dozens more).

There’s even a regular practice designed to promote rest and healing—dubbed The Revival, which is a mix of restorative and yin yoga that focuses on the deeper connective tissues (fascia, ligament, and bone) and uses props to support and hold the body to promote serious unwinding. So if you really relax, keep in mind that you’re just steps away from your warm, cozy bed. A Zen-rich workout followed by hygge goodness? Now that’s a good night.

Here are some of the other workouts worth streaming at home and another reason to stream less Netflix.