We know why Taylor Swift never looks sweaty after her workouts

Taylor Swift after a workout at ModelFit in New York City
Swift after a class at ModelFit. Let’s see what happens after she goes to hot yoga. (Photo: BuzzFeed)

In the past few weeks, the internet has literally become obsessed with how great Taylor Swift looks leaving the gym. A few recent headlines?

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And while we’re sorry to burst everyone’s bubble and tell you she’s not a magic no-sweat fairy (although we can’t completely verify that), it’s time some perspective was given to this unattainable ideal of post-workout put-togetherness.

Here’s the thing: The majority of the photos circulating are of Swift leaving ModelFIT, Justin Gelband’s popular Bowery fitness destination known for also drawing in the likes of Karlie Kloss and Kate Upton. And the thing you need to know about Gelband’s approach to fitness is that it doesn’t make you sweat.

Look, we’re not claiming we left there in an adorable bandana headband and pumps, but in class, Gelband focused on small, slow movements and told us repeatedly to “slow down” and “back off” and “take it easy.”

In other words, it was a far cry from a shirt-drenching spin class or Barry’s Bootcamp session. And while there’s nothing wrong with that approach, there’s also nothing wrong with leaving the gym drenched, sweat dripping onto the pavement, under-eye mascara circles prominently (and proudly) displayed.

Now, let’s see what happens when Swift mixes it up and goes to hot yoga… —Lisa Elaine Held

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