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Sign up now for the Well+Good x Strava running challenge!

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Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma

Fall is here and with it comes a few of your favorite things: Chunky knits! PSLs! Apple-flavored everything! But amidst all of the coziness, it can be easy to forget one important thing: It’s also the best time of year to go running.

For maximum running season enjoyment, we’re launching all the motivation you need in one (badass) two-week package: the Well+Good x Strava running challenge.

If you don’t already know, Strava is the buzzy worldwide network for active peeps that let’s you track your movement, plan out routes, and connect with other sweat-sesh fiends via an easy-to-use app. And together, we’re serving up major inspo in celebration of our next-level running series, United States of Running.

We’re serving up major inspo in celebration of our next-level running series, United States of Running.

Here’s how to take part in the Well+Good challenge: Sign up for Strava, choose the 20-kilometer challenge (which works out to about 12 miles), and pledge to meet that goal over the two weeks between October 27 and November 9. Break up your runs whichever way you want—just remember to track them in the Strava app to make sure they count!

Plus, you can give other Strava users “kudos” on posted runs—which means team Well+Good will be your personal cheerleader. (Because knocking out a 20k is awesome, but getting a virtual high-five from your BFFs makes it that much sweeter.)

The best part? As a reward for sticking to your goal, you’ll earn a Strava finisher’s badge and be entered to win a $250 certificate to GapFit when you complete the challenge. How’s that for a healthy dose of motivation?

Sign up on the Strava app, like, right now to get started. And yes: we give you permission to use this as an excuse to go shopping for new running shoes.