15 amazing moments from our Bicoastal Biathlon in NYC

nyc_biathlon_collage_575If you had to navigate through mobs of chic, sweaty women who looked like they were having a total blast this Saturday in New York’s Flatiron District, you probably stumbled upon the first weekend of Well+Good’s bad-ass Bicoastal Biathlon, presented by Athleta.

At the event, more than 100 super strong “biathletes” participated in back-to-back boutique fitness challenges at eight of the city’s hottest studios. Team Cardio hit Barry’s Bootcamp followed by cycling at Swerve, Team HIIT and Chill took on Exhale’s Core Fusion Extreme followed by a vinyasa flow at Laughing Lotus Yoga, Team Row and Plyo rowed at CityRow and did yoga-burpees at The Movement’s CrossFlowX, and Team Sculpt conquered an athletic Tone House session followed by strengthening Sculpt Fusion at Uplift. (Exhausted, yet?)

After the workouts, everyone headed to the healthy after-party at the Athleta Flatiron store for much-needed rejuvenation, which included delish LuliTonix blended elixirs, cold-pressed Suja juices, Paleo-bites from Kettlebell Kitchen, vegan soup shots from The Splendid Spoon, beauty touch-ups from W3LL PEOPLE, super-pretty braids and blowouts from Glamsquad, an epic raffle, and ridiculously amazing goody bags.

The best part? The event raised close to $5,000 for Girls on the Run, a non-profit mentoring organization that uses a 5K-training program as a basis to inspire young girls to be healthy and self-confident.

Click through to get a glimpse inside the event. (Warning: Serious FOMO awaits.) And if you’re in Los Angeles, join us for the second half of the Bicoastal Biathlon in Santa Monica on Saturday, October 25.

(Photos: The Movement, Uplift, City Row by Robert Caplin; Swerve and Laughing Lotus by Larkin Clark. Both for Well+Good)


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Well+Good Biathlon 6 Biathletes arrive at the Athleta Flatiron store and begin checking in for their back-to-back workouts at two hot studios. Note their cute purple bibs.

(Photo: Robert Caplin)


Well+Good Biathlon 15Team Cardio reflected in the mirror at Barry’s Bootcamp under the (kindly) command of Alycia Stevenin.

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good Biathlon 17Nicole Uribarri gets readers doing donkey kicks at Core Fusion Extreme at Exhale.

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good Biathlon 20CityRow isn’t just rowing! Katie Laucks shows em’ how it’s done during the mat portion.

(Photo: Robert Caplin)


Well+Good Biathlon 2You know it’s serious at Tone House when they bring out the workout toys (AKA ridiculously powerful resistance bands) for your bear crawls.

(Photo: Robert Caplin)


Well+Good Biathlon 12Team Cardio pedals into action at Swerve for their second workout. Fortunately, master instructor Dyan Tsiumis is plenty motivating.

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good Biathlon 28Yoga rockstar Dana Flynn proves to Team HIIT and Chill that Laughing Lotus is more than just the name of the studio. It’s a glittery way of life.

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good Biathlon 24Team Row and Flow reaches new heights during CrossFlowX, with its innovator Heidi Kristoffer, at The Movement.

(Photo: Robert Caplin)


Well+Good Biathlon 30Team Sculpt embodies their namesake at Uplift, taught by Andi Schpok.

(Photo: Robert Caplin)


Well+Good Biathlon 29At the Athleta Flatiron, LuliTonix greets biathletes for the after-party with much-needed, chia-infused replenishment.

(Photo: Robert Caplin)


Well+Good Biathlon 5Kettlebell Kitchen served protein-packed Paleo bites like meatballs and zucchini boats.

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good-Biathlon-1Glamsquad was on deck to re-beautify everyone’s hair, and biathletes received gift cards for at-home blowouts in the goody bags. For the their next doubleheader)

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good Biathlon 35W3LL PEOPLE offered after-party attendees like Melanie Palmer natural makeup touch-ups.

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good Biathlon 8A glowy trio poses for a photo.

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


Well+Good Biathlon 31The Well+Good team celebrates another successful and sweaty event in New York City.

Los Angeles, we’ll see you Saturday!

(Photo: Larkin Clark)


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