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Someone leaked the Well+Good holiday shopping list to Page Six. So before you see it there in all its sensationalized glory, here’s our list of the New Yorkers (and New York institutions) for whom we’re playing Santa.

An aromatherapy set, including Calm Thyself Down, Screaming Crazy Person Chamomile; Don’t Shove Me, You’ll Get on the Train Frankincense; and Shut Your Knees, You Rude Bastard Rosemary

Park Slope Food Co-Op

An H. Gillerman Organics Chill Out Kit for every member

The Meatpacking District

Bao He Wan, the herbal Chinese hangover remedy

All natural performance-enhancing homeopathy, and relationship coaching

Kula Yoga Project
32 new Manduka Eko yoga mats

Mimi the Chinatown Facialist
Babor face creams

Liz Lemon
The Blueprint Cleanse Poor Liz has a chronically unhealthy diet. We think she should act like McDonald’s and give her colon a break today

We're concerned about Liz's eating habits. Perhaps she needs a Blueprint Cleanse or nutritional counseling?

Lady Gaga
A juicer facial, because all that super-artistic stage makeup must take a toll on her skin

Bernie Madoff
A pair of Reebok EasyTones. Those jail cells are small; you need to make every step count

Ruth Reichl


Bobby Flay
The Kind Diet. Chefs who can’t cook without meat are so passe. So let’s have a throw down with Alicia Silverstone!

NYC women carrying a makeup bag bigger than their gym bag
A makeunder with eco-friendly makeup artist Jessa Blades

Know someone who’s been Well+Good this year? Tell them about us!