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In this week’s Surfside Series, we’re chatting with Barry’s Bootcamp trainers to find out what trainers are actually thinking about while you’re mid-burpee.

There’s a certain predictability to the phrases that go through your brain mid-bootcamp. When you’ve hit a personal plank record, you might think “Wow, I’m killing it today,” while, when you’re on what feels like your millionth jump squat, it might be more along the lines of, “Are you kidding me?”(Or a personal favorite: “Is this almost over?”)

But while you’re running on the treadmill, what’s running through the instructor’s mind as she or he stands in front of you, calling out commands? Is she judging your form? Is he thinking about what he’s going to eat for dinner that day? Are they noticing that you’re dripping in sweat (or, if it’s an extra-tough session, swearing under your breath)?

Since I’m not a mind-reader (yet), I asked a handful of trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp to spill. Turns out, their answers might surprise you—or at the very least, make you laugh.

Keep reading for 9 things trainers are actually thinking when they’re teaching a group workout.

And if you’re in the Southampton area on Saturday, July 30, come take a Barry’s Bootcamp class—Well+Good is hosting! Class is at 11 a.m. and we’ll be giving out free beach bags and Suja juice. Click here to sign up—each class is $40.

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rebecca kennedy barrys bootcamp
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1. “I wish I could join this workout… this energy is insane! They’re crushing it so hard, they’re actually inspiring me!” —Rebecca Kennedy, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


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2. “How much longer is this round? Do I have time to run to the bathroom without them noticing?” —Matt Nolan, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


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3. “Did I make this too hard? Getting more eye rolls than normal.” —Ingrid Clay, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


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4. “I’m going to put on this headset and everyone is going to do exactly what I say….yep, there it is. Blows my mind every time!” —Taylor Walsh, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


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5. “Did he just shoot me one of those ‘I hate you’ looks? Because it’s always the ones who look like they hate me that say the kindest things after the class!” —Justin Meli, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


allie cohen barrys bootcamp
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6. “That guy’s form is perfect. Wow. Husband material.” —Allie Cohen, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


natalie raitano barrys bootcamp
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7.  “How do these people run so fast?” —Natalie Raitano, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


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8. “Yes! Butt and leg day and Booty Band time. My favorite thing to teach!” —Alycia Stevenin, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.


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9.  “Oh my gosh, I love this song! How can they not be into this song!? Oh right, they’re trying to breathe and make it through this sprint!” —Sarah Otey, trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp.

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