What Yoga Journal superstar instructors love to do in New York

yoga journal conference
Yogis will take over New York this week


New York’s Yoga Journal Conference officially kicks off this Thursday. That means a serious influx of mat-toting tourists, including some of the discipline’s best (and beloved) instructors from across the country.

We asked some of these yoga superstars what they love about visiting New York City and how they spend their downtime. Here’s where they head after Savasana:

Venice, California

The conference is in the heart of the city near Central Park and Time Square, and there is the buzz in the air that only New York City can create. I love the coming together of teachers and students from all over the world, to this mecca of the yoga world.

I always love to go to MOMA, as it is only a few blocks from the conference and is open late on Friday night. My favorite organic natural food is the Candle Cafe. I also connect with all of my creative student friends at Sonic Yoga.

Sag Harbor, Long Island

Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee

First of all, Colleen and I love the city. So to do yoga in our favorite metropolitan haunt is like double happiness and double love.

When we are in the city, we walk, walk, and walk. The city is full of color and sound from all countries and from all walks of life. Next, going to a play or hearing some acoustic rock and roll prefaced by some tasty vegetarian fare is a perfect day—of course bookended with yoga practice.

As Colleen says, there is only one “city” in the world, and all others are just trying to copy the Big Apple. (We say: Amen to that.)

Los Angeles

I get a kick out of working with New Yorkers. They have their own inimitable style, and I enjoy that style very much.

I love going to Central Park, surrounded by the city and getting to touch the earth. During the conferences, I am very focused on the conference but I do like walking on the streets to smell, taste, and feel New York. I also like going up close to the sky, like the highest floor of the hotel. That way I get a sense of the whole thing, checking the sky and feeling the quick staccato pulse of the city. I leave it up to my local friends to take me to good restaurants. They know the territory.

Bo Forbes


I love coming to New York City for the YJ Conference; the caliber of practitioners is high, and people are really open to yoga therapeutics from an integrative perspective, which is my specialty.

When I’m in New York, my time is usually accounted for with teaching and other collaborative ventures. So my favorite things to do in NYC relate to self-care. I love to go to the Whole Foods on Houston (Bowery) to stock up on healthy snacks, and often go to Risotteria with colleaguesit’s a great gluten-free pizza place. I also really enjoy walking through a lot of the beautiful neighborhood gardens in Manhattan.

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