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Miami Beach


There’s nothing like the sub-zero temps in New York to inspire fantasies of a weekend in Miami Beach. So along with searching for cheap flights at your desk and planning a sick day (don’t worry, we won’t tell), we’re sharing tips from Suzy Buckley Woodward, editor-in-chief of Ocean Drive magazine and all-around Miami guru, for the healthy hotspots you’ll want to hit. Pack your sunscreen (and us!).

Flywheel is now in Miami

Flywheel at Miami Beach Flywheel opened a Miami Beach spin studio last year and Buckley Woodward has been a fan of the athletic classes ever since. “You burn an insane amount of calories doing this for a mere 45 minutes.” And good news if you’re already a member, you can use your classes here.

JetSet Pilates Buckley Woodward is gearing up to take group classes at the popular JetSet Pilates, a Megaformer studio (like SLT in New York), which is in Miami Beach and just opened a second studio in Coral Gables. “The owner, Tamara Galinsky, and the studio has a cult following,” she says.


The Spa at the James Royal Palm Hotel Buckley Woodward’s a big fan of Dr. Oz Garcia, who’s the wellness director of The Spa at the James Royal Palm Hotel in South Beach. “The spa offers his services, like vitamin infusions, and nutritional consults”—along with facials, massages, and more.

Jugofresh Buckley Woodward, along with most of Miami, is flocking to this growing organic juice-bar chain with bottled blends, raw food, and cleanse options. “Every human being in Miami goes there every day!” she says.

Aetus Salubris Noni Night Cream At $220 a bottle, Buckley Woodward promises her favorite night cream, available at the Santa Maria Novella store in Bal Harbour, is worth every penny. “It’s so silky smooth. I just love it.”

Core Fusion
Exhale’s Core Fusion

Core Fusion at Exhale Spa Exhale Spa’s barre class is just as popular in Miami as it is in New York. And Buckley Woodward has personally experienced proof that her tucking and pulsing works for her. “My muscles are truly tightening.”

Facials by Stenya Foster Buckley Woodward’s long-time facialist is Stenya Foster, and she sees her regularly for back-to-basics skin-care. “Some of her tips are so reasonable and common sense that it’s astounding I have not tried them before.” www.stenya.comAmy Eley