Why Instagram yogi Laura Sykora says you should photograph your yoga practice

We're challenging you to go full-blown Instagram yogi this month. Here's why.
(Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)
(Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)

Laura “Sykora” Kasperzak is an Instagram yoga celebrity with more than a million followers and is known for her awe-inspiring inversions, squeal-inducing mother-daughter poses, and to-die-for printed leggings.

But Kasperzak says photographing her yoga practice is not just about achieving internet fame—it actually has practical applications you can tap, too.

“The benefits of taking pictures of my yoga practice are to check my alignment and to track my progress,” says the certified instructor. “Being able to snap some pictures or videos helps to guide me in correcting form and even accomplish transitions by making the necessary adjustments needed.” And Instagram yogis often set up shared challenges that are easy to document, such as Kasperzak and Athleta’s Balance Basics Challenge.

In the spirit of having your Healthiest Year Ever and September’s Yoga Month, we’re challenging you to pick a yoga pose to work on this month and use a camera each week to document your progress in that pose. Try propping up your camera on your dresser, or anywhere that will give you full view of the pose. (Kasperzak recommends the TimerCam app if you don’t have a camera with a self-timer.)

Need help picking a pose? It can be anything from watching your hands get closer to the ground in a forward fold, to a split, a handstand, and beyond, says Kasperzak, who has lots of advice on picking one.  And scroll down for further visual inspiration here.

And don’t forget to tag @laurasykora, @wellandgoodnyc, and @athleta on Instagram with the hashtag #HealthiestYearEver! Who knows? You might just get regrammed. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)
Forward fold. (Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)
(Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)
Upavistha Konasana. (Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)
(Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)
Handstand. (Photo: Instagram.com/laurasykora)

For more information, visit Instagram.com/laurasykora and check out her Healthiest Year Ever tip for September.

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