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The celebrity trainer known for shaping the bods of Beyonce and Jay-Z just launched a nutrition and fitness line. But can it work?

BeyonceAll the single ladies—here’s your chance to get a leotard-ready body. Or, gentlemen, you can look like Shawn Carter (AKA Jay-Z) in just 22 days. Well, maybe.

That’s the sales pitch of Marco Borges, the exercise physiologist and celebrity trainer known for shaping the bods of both Beyonce and Jay-Z. The Miami-based Borges just launched 22 Days Nutrition and 22 Days Challenge.

Borges’s 22 Days Nutrition program is comprised of a line of organic vegan nutrition bars. The 22 Days Challenge offers online diet, fitness, and “enlightenment” tips—from cutting back on sugar and how to do calorie-blasting power moves to chewing more slowly—”tools and knowledge that create lasting lifestyle changes,” all guided by Jay-Z’s trusted guru.

The programs are meant to be done together for a minimum cost of $70, and both are based on “the knowledge that it takes the human mind exactly 21 days to adjust to a major life change,” says Borges.

But we’re a bit suspicious.

Marco Borges, Celebrity trainer
Marco Borges, the man behind Jay-Z and Beyonce’s hot bods

“I am not aware of any research that supports a universal principle that people can permanently change their habits in 21 days,” says Ryan Kull, LCSW, a psychotherapist in New York City. “Habitual behavior can be extremely challenging to change since it involves a complex interaction of psychological, biological, and environmental factors.”

Furthermore, a firm physique facilitated by Borges does not come without a catch: To start the 22 Day Challenge, you have to purchase a minimum of 2 boxes of 12 nutrition bars, which sell for $35.88 each on his website. And there’s virtually no information about what you get for your $70 3-week fitness makeover program until you click the purchase button. It looks like Borges is resting on his clients’ success to drive his own.

On the other hand, the man who made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can has said this of Marco Borges: “The World’s Best Trainer.” We’ll let you decide. —Lisa Elaine Held