With its New York launch, Go Figure brings barre classes back to their ballet roots

The Connecticut-based barre workout is making its New York debut with affordable classes at the American Ballet Theatre in Union Square.
Cindy Sites, founder of The Figure Method
Cindy Sites, founder of The Figure Method and owner of Go Figure Barre, is debuting classes in New York

Next week, Go Figure Barre will debut its classes in New York. But instead of opening its own studio, the Connecticut-based brand is going back to barre’s roots and setting up shop at the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in Union Square.

“We feel like it’s the ultimate endorsement of what we’re doing,” says Go Figure founder Cindy Sites, who’s also a classically-trained ballerina and has served on ABT’s board for 20-some years.

Of course, barre workouts, which tend to emphasize a lean dancer’s physique, were born out of ballet via Lotte Berk. And they’ve become more fitness-focused and varied as numerous styles have  jetéd onto the scene.

At ABT, fitness enthusiasts will get the chance to point and tuck on what Sites calls “hallowed ground.”

“The world’s most famous dancers have rehearsed in the studios where we’ll be exercising,” she says. And, Sites hopes professional ballerinas will join the barre classes, too.go figure barre new york

Sites recognizes that barre competition is fierce in New York, but she’s confident that The Figure Method, which she describes as a hybrid of the best of ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates, has a lot to offer, including its dance lineage. “What we’re doing is the purest form of what a ballet barre class should be,” she says.

The schedule will be sparse while the brand drums up interest. Though attendance may be helped by classes priced at $25, which is $10 less than many competitors like Exhale’s Core Fusion ($37), Bar Method ($37), and Physique 57 ($35).

As part of the partnership, Go Figure will also host ABT’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Ballet for children. So while mom tones her glutes, little Sally can learn to plie and arabesque at the same time.

And while the ABT space will act as a New York launching pad for Go Figure, Sites is already on the hunt for a dedicated space on the Upper East Side, where mother-daughter duos will be able to step up to the barre together, albeit for different reasons. —Lisa Elaine Held

The Figure Method at ABT, 890 Broadway, at 19th St., Union Square, $25 per class, www.gofigurestudio.com

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