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There’s an increasingly popular place where you can always find seriously badass babes: a boxing gym. The only problem? They’re often outnumbered by dueling dudes, which is why New York City is getting its first female-only sparring spot this month.

Reese Scott was told she’d never have enough women to train when she started empowering them through fierce jabs and punches, but after growing her client list from 2 to 30, she decided to start her own gym—Women’s World of Boxing—to be able to instruct even more women, New York Post reports.

“You’re going to feel the power of women as soon as you open that door. These walls are going to have pictures of female champions.” —Reese Scott, Women’s World of Boxing founder

“You’re going to feel the power of women as soon as you open that door. These walls are going to have pictures of female champions,” Scott told the Post. “It’s going to be an all-female fight house.” The first-of-its-kind, two-floor boxing gym will open its doors in Harlem to experienced female boxers and total newbies alike.

Since Scott has seen a lot of inequality in the boxing world—think hardly-spa-like women’s locker rooms and mismatched fights—she’s using her experience to give lady fighters a way to feel safe, supported, and motivated. I mean, could there possibly be a more perfect spot for your next girl-group gathering?

“I was told for so many years that it’s a man’s world,” Scott said. “Now all those guys from back in the day are asking me for a job. I tell them no. They should stay where they are—that’s the world they created.”

But, of course, boxing babes can still show their men who’s boss in any ring, at any time.

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