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Photo: Well+Good

As part of our new #workdayworkout challenge, we traded in our afternoon iced coffees for a series of mindful intentions—and we want you to do the same.

Our newest Sweat Series workout with Athleta (online for the first time!) is a mood-boosting workout from the founder of IntenSati, Patricia Moreno, that promises to change your mood in only five minutes—so it’s totally doable.

And as you can see, our team put laptops away and green juices down to venture outside to soak up those rare spring rays. So grab your favorite crew of co-workers and venture to a nearby park (or conference room), for a #workdayworkout photo or video.

Not one of the lucky few able to wear your favorite leggings to the office? (Our hearts go out to you.) No problem—this workout is designed to be done anywhere, any time, so there’s zero excuse for #badvibes anywhere. Whether it’s pre-breakfast, post-work trip hotel check-in, or during your nightly TV catch-up, if you have five minutes, you can turn that stress-related frown upside down.

Photo: Well+Good

To join in on the fun, check out our latest Sweat Series video with Patricia Moreno, the founder of IntenSati, and be sure to tag us in your own #workdayworkout!