Working out with the stars

When your fitness instructor is also a familiar TV actor, this doesn't mean you can break for autographs.
Los Angeles celebrity trainers Andrea Bogart, Kodi Kitchen, Brooke Burke
In Los Angeles, working out next to a star is par for the course (David Beckham at SoulCycle in Brentwood, Emmy Rossum at Body By Simone in WeHo, Jessica Alba at Hot8Yoga in Beverly Hills).

But lately the instructors have been looking pretty familiar, too. Here are three TV personalities that make you the star of their workout (so no breaks for autographs). —Rachel Marlowe

(Photos: Andrea Bogart, Kodi Kitchen, Brooke Burke)


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Brooke Burke WHO: Brooke Burke
WHAT: Booty Burn Workout at Dance Star, Malibu
WHERE have I seen her before? She co-hosted Dancing With the Stars for eight seasons.

WHY: Two years ago, while working on the choreography for her last fitness DVD (she’s made four to date), Burke assembled a group of friends and started testing her moves out on them. “It’s become a passion project now,” Burke says. “I’ve kept doing it because it’s important to the women here. Fitness is a big part of my life and I really enjoy sharing it.” Schedule permitting, Burke now teaches her Booty Burn Workout four times a week. The 75-minute class is a mash-up of Burke’s favorite fitness moves, from dance cardio and yoga, to plyometric jumps, arm work with light weights, some killer ab exercises, and a whole lot of booty burning mat work.

 (Photo: Brooke Burke)


andrea bogart WHO: Andrea Bogart
WHAT: Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Rise Movement in West Hollywood
WHERE have I seen her before? She played Abby Haver on General Hospital for 111 episodes before being killed off in a construction accident.

WHY:“I was a professional dancer before I started acting,” says Bogart. “My body was always craving stretching and flexibility and the discipline of a workout routine. And in between auditions I found my world was revolving around catching a class, so I thought why not become an instructor?” Inspired by the number of great studios and teachers throughout LA, Bogart took classes with everyone from Vinnie Marino and Jeanne Heileman at YogaWorks, Dalton Grant at Modo Yoga, Andrea Marcum at U Studio Yoga and Matthew Reyes at Yoga Hop before becoming a certified in 2012. Bogart now teaches her own blend of mindful Vinyasa Flow group and private classes six days a week…unless she scores a part on a hot TV show.

(Photo: Andrea Bogart)


Kodi Kitchen WHO: Kodi Kitchen
WHAT: Best U at Best U Studio in West Hollywood
WHERE have I seen her before? She played Dr. Maggie Wurth on General Hospital for 30 episodes before being suddenly killed off by poisoning.

WHY: “I was a barre addict,” says Kitchen. “That was my go-to workout for years when I was an actress. Physique 57, Xtend Barre, Bar Method—I did them all. When my contract ended early I really had to ask myself, what else would I like to do? And I liked being active every day.” After a taking a business course at UCLA, Kitchen became certified as a personal trainer and opened her own business, Best U Studio, earlier this year with partner Nadine Loren. “I’m a model turned actress turned die-hard fitness trainer and now studio owner,” Kitchen quips who teaches about five days a week. The classes, which combine barre, dance, and Pilates, all use the studio’s proprietary weighted U-shaped “barre.” When attached to the wall, the U serves as an easy-to-grip barre. Unclipped, it’s a free weight that you use for gentle-but-sweat-producing functional training moves, core work, and toning isometric holds.

(Photo: Best U Studio via Facebook)


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