Get a taste of Simone De La Rue’s star power at Sunday’s LA Sweat Series

Body By Simone Some fitness instructors have undeniable star power. They move you to love your workout, forget time and your to-do list, and draw waitlists to their classes because they’re so damn fun.

Bicoastal dance cardio dynamo Simone De La Rue is three for three on that front. Her workout Body By Simone has a cult following—celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Naomi Watts, and Anne Hathaway take De La Rue’s classes in both her New York City and West Hollywood studios.

And we want you to experience her mega popular method for yourself this Sunday, June 28, at our complimentary Sweat Series at Athleta Santa Monica.

Expect explosive, fast-paced dance sequences that make you feel like you’re in a ’90s music video (in the best way possible), an addictive, top-40s remix playlist, as well as jumping jacks and high knees to the beat before hitting the mat for some planks and sit-ups. Through it all, De La Rue will keep you smiling with plenty of cues and encouragement.

In fact, adding joy to your sweat session is pretty much her specialty.

“Of course I want you to have a great workout, but it’s also very important that it’s fun,” says the petite powerhouse. “You’ll get your heart rate up and burn calories, but feeling elated is just as important.” (Double the endorphins?)

Body By Simone

After the workout at the Athleta Santa Monica store, Well+Good hosts a mini healthy after-party. You’ll get to shop the latest collection of cute summer capris, tanks, and suits, while rehydrating with superfood-packed, cold-pressed juice blends from Beaming. You’ll also be treated to an Osmia Organics Luster Lip Gloss, a shade that looks universally gorgeous on every skin tone (valued at $18) and take home a Well+Good tote bag. Plus, one lucky person will win a $100 Athleta gift card!

A white-hot workout with shopping, superfood juices, and sweet natural beauty products—could there be a more perfect Sunday morning? What are you waiting for? Forward this to a friend now and we’ll see you both on Sunday! —Jamie McKillop

For more information about this Sweat Series, click here.

(Photo: Body By Simone)


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