The “Real Housewives” of New York City fitness instructors is officially here

Work Out New York You may think the drama between Heather Thomson and Bethenny Frankel is intense—but at least it didn’t unfold in rooms bursting with muscle. On Work Out New York, every conflict will.

The anticipated Bravo reality show that will follow the lives of seven top New York City fitness instructors is finally premiering this Sunday, December 6, at 9:00 p.m. EST—and in a trailer and sneak-peek scene released last week, we got our first glimpse at what to expect: lots of socializing scenes, staged workouts, and emotional outbursts.

The cast consists of Noah Neiman, Layla Luciano, Courtney Paul, and Lindsey Clayton from Barry’s Bootcamp, Holly Rilinger from Flywheel, personal trainer Joe Lazo, and Lena Marti of Equinox, Crunch, and Orangetheory.

For those that frequent their classes, it may feel strange to watch them working out and teaching in unnamed gym spaces, since the big-deal studios they are aligned with did not sign on to be involved in the show. But they may enjoy peeking into their lives (however filtered…)—from Neiman and Lazo getting manicures to Rilinger finding herself accidentally on a date with a straight girl.

Of course, many of the clients who propelled them to popularity see them as role models and motivators, so it may also be jarring to watch them bicker in the way Bravo stars are generally made to (however scripted…).

No matter how the show does, we’re grateful to Bravo for posting photo albums of the fit stars as children: they’re just amazing. Noah, that soccer photo…and we thought your abs were adorable. —Lisa Elaine Held

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Get to know the stars: Get fit to Courtney Paul’s workout playlist, or see what Holly Rilinger says are her fave wellness obsessions (starting with a mega sneaker collection).

(Photo: Bravo)

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