Yoga at the Brooklyn Museum

In conjunction with the Vishnu exhibit, three top New York City yoga teachers will host two-hour classes in the Brooklyn Museum over three Sundays in July.
Kelly Morris yoga at the Brooklyn Museum
Kelly Morris will be teaching yoga at the Brooklyn Museum (not on it) on July 24


Renowned New York City yoga instructor Elena Brower has lead yoga classes at MoMA and the Rubin Museum. So it’s no stretch for the popular Anusara practitioner to teach at the Brooklyn Museum next week, one of three classes which will be lead by top NYC yogis during July.

The two-hour yoga classes, held over three Sundays in July, will take place in the museum’s fifth floor Cantor Rotunda. How cool is that?

So why is the venerable art institution willing to allow a slew of sticky mats and sweaty yogis into its velvet rope areas? “The museum wanted a 3-class series to complement the Vishnu exhibition,” explains Brower. Attendees are encouraged to tour the exhibit—Vishnu: Hinduism’s Blue-Skinned Savior (showing through October 2)—before each yoga class.

New York yoga instructors at Brooklyn Museum
From left: Brower, Morris, and Costello

Brower selected the other yoga instructors—Nikki Costello and Kelly Morris. “They are among the most well-respected teachers in New York City, both are dear to me, and both have high levels of virtuosity with regards to the asana practice,” she says.

It’s the first time teaching in an arts institution for instructor Kelly Morris, who practices a style she calls Conquering Lion Yoga. “It feels sweetly appropriate to have the offering of yoga in such a beautiful, hallowed space, and Garth Stevenson, the heart-opening bassist, will be accompanying us…. For us, yoga is a unspoken collaboration between student and teacher, a sacred act of creation. The Brooklyn Museum is the perfect venue to generate this mutual consecration. We are thrilled!” —Melisse Gelula

yoga in Brooklyn Museum
"Krishna Fluting for the Gopis," who stop what they are doing in order to listen. (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)

Yoga in the Rotunda Series Schedule

Sunday, July 10 at 2:00 Anusara with Elena Brower

Sunday, July 17 at 2:00 Iyengar with Nikki Costello

Sunday, July 24 at 2:00 Conquering Lion Yoga with Kelly Morris

Cost is free with museum admission ($10). Bring your own mat. Reservations are strongly recommended. Call 718-501-6326 or visit For more information, visit

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