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What to do when your sanity needs a sweat sesh, but making it to the studio is just not going to happen? Sweat Series is here to help! We partnered with Athleta and asked the industry’s hottest instructors and fit-stagrammers to give us their quickest—and hardest—do-anywhere workouts. So, get pumped! (On your own schedule.)

If you think of yoga as an easy, low-energy workout, Heidi Kristoffer is here to tell you—once and for all—that it’s not.

“When I first started doing yoga, I assumed it would be easy for me because I was a workout junkie and athlete my entire life,” the CrossFlowX founder explains. “Within the first 30 minutes of my first class, I was not only dripping in sweat and totally out of breath—I was completely hooked.”

Instead of gentle stretches and a relaxing flow, Kristoffer’s workout will fire up your core, get you sweating, and—most of all—work those arms.

“While yoga is a physical workout, it’s also such a mental game because you’re working to successfully achieve those goal poses and inversions,” she explains. “And the arms are such a crucial part in that.”

From side planks and push-ups to chaturangas, Kristoffer promises that you’ll definitely feel stronger in your arms once this workout is over (and—ahem—once the soreness wears off).

So grab a mat and get started on this five-minute, arm-blasting yoga sequence from Heidi Kristoffer.

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