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Photo: Instagram/@outlook_ua

We’ve all been there—you book a vacation meant to be serene and rejuvenating only to get to your sunny locale and realize that, well, everyone else seems to have had the same idea. Though totally bypassing hordes of tourists may seem impossible, there is one surefire way: Go to the least-visited country in the world. (And yes, it’s a beautiful tropical island—AKA the perfect place to stage a one-woman Big Quiet.)

Last year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization announced that the tiny nation of Tuvalu hosted the fewest tourists, and it’s honestly really hard to figure out why. The fourth-smallest country in the world (which is actually a chain of nine small islands), Tuvalu sits somewhere in between Australia and Hawaii (sounds like the best seat at the table, right?). Plus, the official language is English (though locals—there are only about 11,000—might be so puzzled to see you, they’ll ask you why you’re there, according to one Australian writer).

The only problem? Global warming is a real and cruel creature, and the island is expected to disappear completely within the 21st century as the result of rising sea levels.

So book a flight and visit the country while you still can (and don’t forget to be kind to the planet).

Scroll down for beautiful photos of the lonely island of Tuvalu.

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