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If traveling tops your list of goals for 2018, you’re in luck: Airbnb just released its 10 most-booked cities, which you can co-opt into a wanderlusting hit list. The globe-spanning hot spots of urban oases each have plenty to offer a curious traveler—namely walking around to take in the exotic sights (and satisfy your daily step benchmark).

While Tokyo—with its neon-lit skyscrapers and must-see historic temples—came in as the number-one spot for booking an Airbnb, quieter metropolises, like Lisbon, Portugal’s capital flanked with picturesque and pastel-colored buildings, also made the cut. And who knows? Maybe the spot you’ve been secretly researching for your next group getaway—for which you’ll no longer have to front the full Airbnb rental cost—is also on the list.

Here are the most popular cities to book an Airbnb for healthy travel in 2018

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1. Tokyo, Japan

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2. Paris, France

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3. Osaka, Japan

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4. New York City, New York


5. London, England


6. Rome, Italy

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7. Orlando, Florida


8. Miami, Florida


9. Sydney, Australia


10. Lisbon, Portugal

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These are the most-Instagrammed cities in the world. And if you need help deciding where to go, take this quiz for the ultimate spot to recharge.