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Photo: Airbnb

It’s a popular MO to go on winter vacations that take you away from the cold, but there’s at least one travel-worthy wonder of the world that’ll make you want to stay in your trusty puffer jacket. Why? Have you ever wanted to see the sky light up with a magical display of dancing stars? Yes, I’m talking about the Northern Lights in Iceland.

The winter is a good a time to see the aurora borealis, because while the colorful lava lamp performance above your head can’t totally be predicted, visiting Iceland when total darkness is guaranteed is an important factor (and you thought the US’s daylight-saving-time situation was disruptive!).

Ready to book your trip? Airbnb is filled with hygge-inspired properties within spitting distance of places to view the natural phenomenon. If you plan accordingly, you can see the northern lights and visit dreamy, skin-rejuvenating hot springs, all in one healthy, restorative trip.

See the travel-worthy Airbnb rentals in Iceland below.

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Photo: Airbnb

1. Akureyri, $214 per night

Situated in northern Iceland, this home is perfect for taking in the sprawling landscape. And for an especially serene experience, feel the sights and the lights from the on-site “hot pot” (jacuzzi).


Photo: Airbnb

2. Árskógssandur, $95 per night

For a nature escape with some creature comforts, this geodesic dome that’s prime for glamping has a roof made of skylights for optimal stargazing.


Photo: Airbnb

3. Akureyri, $173 per night

This modern cabin feels remote, far from anything but nature, but it’s actually only a 10-minute drive from the city center.

Photo: Airbnb

4. Laugarvatn, $300 per night

For the environmentally conscious traveler, this home is geothermally heated and built to reflect the beautiful surrounding greenery—which is perfect for exploring in eco-friendly kicks.

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