7 Airbnbs for a dreamy Mediterranean island-hopping vacation

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Growing up in a family of seven people, I quickly learned that there’s no such thing as planning anything too early. Booking that Airbnb you’ve been eyeing in Iceland a year in advance might make your friends raise their eyebrows, but consider what could happen if you stall: Your bucket-list spot could be booked solid when you really need that rejuvenating getaway.

And speaking of planning ahead, you may want to start thinking about your summer plans now, especially if they include island hopping in the Mediterranean. According to Pinterest, islands in Croatia and Greece have surged 96 percent in saved pins this year.

Turns out sampling (or chugging, whatever) some of the world’s most pristine olive oil in a gorgeous island setting is a very popular idea. So, I’ve found some of the most pin-worthy Airbnbs around Greece and Croatia. Because you deserve a great, free-of-stress, rejuvenating 2018.

Scroll through the gorgeous Mediterranean Airbnbs below.

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1. Mykonos, Greece, $456 per night

Mykonos has a reputation for being the party capital of Greece, and this Airbnb is the perfect pad to house your 12-person squad.

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2. Paros, Greece, $98 per night

One night at this greenery-filled oasis in Greece is roughly the price of one luxe pair of leggings, which you’ll be swapping for a swimsuit anyway.

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3. Oia, Greece, $335 per night

If you close your eyes and visualize your ideal Greek getaway, it looks something like this Airbnb. (Or at least it does for me.)

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4. Oia, Greece, $358 per night

This cave house(!) has a washed-out white interior that rivals the breathtaking scenery outside its doors.

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5. Supetar, Croatia, $231 per night

Some spots require you to choose between saltwater and a pool (the nerve), but not at this eight-person villa in Croatia. There’s a private pool, and the beach is just a 10-minute walk.

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6. Vela Luka, Croatia, $159 per night

For a vacation that allows you to unplug and relax by the ocean, check out this remote villa, which is nestled into the side of a cliff.

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7. Hvar, Croatia, $176 per night

This apartment in a 500-year-old palace has all of the historic qualities you could ever ask for—plus indoor air conditioning.

For a last-minute New Year’s Eve trip, here are cabins you can still book on Airbnb and also tips on how to pack everything (yes, everything) in a shoulder bag.

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