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Surfing vacation Airbnbs for your beachy getaway Pin It
Photo: Airbnb

Maybe it’s their sun-kissed skin, or their always-perfect, saltwater-enhanced hair, but I’ve always thought of surfers as the chic French girls of the sports world. There is a vague, hard-to-identify mystique surrounding the surfer world—I mean, those wave riders are basically standing on water!

Good news: There are ways to live out those Blue Crush fantasies. (We’ve all dreamed about it, right?) So start saving your vacation days, and book a surf-school getaway. Below are Airbnb rentals located in or near popular surfing hot spots. Because what’s better than having a dreamy crash pad to return to after a long day of catching waves? (Other than a soak a dreamy tub with your favorite luxe bath accessories, of course.)

See 5 beachy-chic surfer getaways below

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Photo: Airbnb

1. Byron Bay, Australia, $172 per night

This Australian beach studio is a 20-minute walk from multiple beaches and includes the bonus wellness punch of bicycles you can use. There’s also no wifi, meaning you’ll be forced to actually unplug.

Photo: Airbnb

2. Sagres, Portugal, $116 per night

Portugal is known to attract wave catchers, and this renovated home in Wave Garden Sagres with an outdoor shower and sunset views comes with everything you need for your first foray into surfing.

Photo: Airbnb

3. Goa, India, $168 per night

This group of picturesque chalets in India are staggered on different levels and look out over the Arabian Peninsula. You could nearly roll out of bed and onto the beach.

Photo: Airbnb

4. San Diego, California, $65 per night

While you can leave the country to get your surf on, you don’t have to. San Diego (and from what movies have taught me, so much of California) is a great place for surfing. This quaint cottage is just 15 minutes from a coastal beach.

Photo: Airbnb

5. Rivas, Nicaragua, $185 per night

To put it bluntly, there were almost too many Airbnb picks in Rivas to choose just one fantastic winner. The place seems to be all jungle, infinity pools, and surfing. This one awesome abode features an outdoor bed, swing, and pool, plus there are howler monkeys and pristine beaches nearby.

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