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Solo travel is certainly a mindful experience—but there’s a whole extra oomph that’s added when you can explore a new place with your four-legged sidekick.

We hit the road with Castor & Pollux to check out some of the country’s most dog-friendly cities, with hometown wellness heroes and their furry BFFs as tour guides. First stop on our Our City Guide series is Denver, CO, whose combo of bustling downtown scene and mountain oasis has captured the hearts of countless outdoorsy cool kids.

Denver’s combo of bustling downtown scene and mountain oasis has captured the hearts of countless outdoorsy tastemakers.

One such tastemaker, PaleOMG’s Juli Bauer Roth, agreed to show us her favorite spots to explore, work up a sweat, and kick back—all with her French bulldog Jackson in tow.

A highlight of the trip? Roth’s go-to café for healthy, Paleo-proof eats, Just Be Kitchen. As an appropriately obsessed pet parent (no one is immune to Jackson’s cuteness), she applies the same priorities to Jackson’s diet, too. That’s why she feeds him Castor & Pollux PRISTINE™, the only line of pet food made with responsibly sourced ingredients like wild-caught fish and responsibly raised meat.

Check out all of Roth’s must-visit Denver spots in the video above (including a dog-friendly happy hour spot!) and scroll down for an interactive map of all her picks.

Roth loves Denver for its ability to bring the great outdoors right inside the city’s limits. To that end, she counts Cherry Creek Trail as the ideal scenic escape for both pups and pet parents—and on the flip side, the Watering Bowl (AKA, an outdoor bar where the dogs are even more plentiful than the humans) is her ultimate nightlife rec. #PuppyTime.

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