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The Airbnb of cars will infuse your road trips with a cool factor Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Zocky

A road trip is the perfect way to travel without leaving the country (though you could). But if your by-car travel dreams involve a vintage Cadillac (or any vehicular gem from yesteryear) that you don’t have, a new ride-sharing service DriveShare has all of the answers—or 600 at least, country-wide, according to Afar. It’ll certainly help you maintain that badass Thelma & Louise air of spontaneity and glamour—and, more importantly, make the experience of getting to your dreamy destination of choice a mood-boosting side dish to your de-stressing vacation entree.

Like the love child of Zipcar and Airbnb, DriveShare lets car owners post their vehicles to the database where customers, once verified through insurance agencies, can then rent them for a range of prices, reportedly $100 to $2,500 per day.

In addition to luxe rides to take about town and beyond, DriveShare also features cars for stationary events and aesthetic purposes (think: photo shoots), which is great news for folks like me, who wouldn’t designate “behind the wheel” as a second home.

Still, I can’t shake the thought of a black vintage Ford Cobra, the West Coast, and a travel companion with a driver’s license. Anyone available to take a few mental health days?

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