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Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

Saying that it can be challenging to stick to a wellness routine while on the road would be an understatement. But to keep yourself from falling off the (gelato-greased) rails this high-travel season, it’s smart to create a jetset-specific plan for staying healthy and fit no matter where you land. Just ask frequent flyer and fashion model Gigi Hadid.

The 22-year-old’s career as a catwalker requires that she travel so often, in fact, that she’s gotten this type of routine down to a simple science. Her go-to? “It makes me feel really good to stretch,” she said at a Reebok event in New York City recently. If done properly, Hadid’s hotel-friendly favorite can ease the muscle aches that inevitably result from plane travel, while preventing future injury. Get the most out of similar efforts by practicing the world’s greatest stretch, which activates every major muscle in one fell swoop.

“Sometimes I box pillows for anger management.”

Flexibility isn’t Hadid’s only focus, either. Though she relies on friends, family, hard work, and gratitude to keep herself sane, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t occasionally need to expel negative energy like any other human being. “Sometimes I box the [hotel room] pillows for anger management,” she revealed, which is an awesome (and free!) stress-reduction tool you may not yet have thought to try when more traditional boxing environments are hard to come by. If you’re willing to BYOP(illow), this guide may help you further enhance your health via tech-forward fluff that’s as good for snoozing as it is for fighting, too.

Hadid isn’t the only model making moves. Elle MacPherson is sharing her healthy travel hacks, too. Plus, learn the one thing you should do the moment you land, no matter what.