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5 chic restaurants to put on your high-fashion foodie world tour in 2018

How to plan a high-fashion gourmet food tour Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@gucci

I’m often reminded that my life revolves around nothing if not a combination of food and fashion. (What else do you call keeping tabs on avocado prices while simultaneously trying to figure out which fanny pack is most flattering?) And, thanks to a new trend of chic brands trying to offer a full experience (that’ll make you feel full), there is a way to combine all the finer things in life into one neat long-distance package: the high-fashion food world tour.

Gucci recently opened its Gucci Garden, Elle reported, a building that houses a new restaurant by a three-Michelin-starred chef as well as exhibition and screening rooms. And though the Italian luxury brand is the latest to unveil a gourmet culinary project of this sort, it is not the first. Tiffany & Co. opened its own Breakfast at Tiffany’s dream-come-true café in New York City last year, and a slew of other fashion powerhouses also have glamorous dining setups across the world.

Food for thought: While a clothing item or piece of jewelry from one of these brands can set you back thousands of dollars, a meal at one of these spots is a bit easier on the wallet, if not equally Instagrammable and mood-boosting.

Keep reading for a travel itinerary of your food-fueled fashion world tour.

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How to plan a high-fashion gourmet food tour
Photo: Gucci

1. Gucci Garden, Florence, Italy

The brand behind some very hygge-friendly slippers and polarizing-ly fabulous fanny packs just unveiled this new spot in Italy. Stop by for dinner, a gander through the exhibitions, and a movie in the Twin Peaks–ish screening room.

How to plan a high-fashion gourmet food tour
Photo: Instagram/@tiffanyandco

2. The Blue Box Café, New York, New York

Breakfast at Tiffany’s used to mean binge-watching the classic Audrey Hepburn flick, reading a Truman Capote book, or eating a pastry outside the Tiffany’s window. But with the opening of this NYC restaurant, you can finally have an actual breakfast at Tiffany’s.

How to plan a high-fashion gourmet food tour
Photo: Attilio Maranzano/Fandazione Prada

3. Bar Luce, Milan, Italy

In a pairing that no one could have dreamed, Prada and the aesthetics-obsessed moviemaker Wes Anderson teamed up to design and conceptualize this relaxing hangout in Milan.

How to plan a high-fashion gourmet food tour
Photo: Ralph Lauren

4. Ralph’s, Paris, France

Ralph Lauren has numerous restaurants and bars around the world, but this Parisian spot is almost too stereotypically beautiful. It’s a prime locale for living out your chic French-girl dreams.

How to plan a high-fashion gourmet food tour
Photo: Instagram/@ceresio7

5. Ceresio 7, Milan, Italy

Ceresio 7 is a combination of pools, a bar, and restaurant opened by designers of the brand Dsquared2—because if there’s anything better than eating good food, it’s doing it poolside.

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